Welcome To

~Bluebirds Christmas Land~

Welcome to our first Christmas page.

Bluebird and I will be proud to

have you walk through

the snow with us.

So bundle up and put on

your coat, hat, gloves and donít

forget your boots because the

snow gets a little deep

in some spots.

Itís a long walk so please sit down

and rest if you get tired. Thereís

plenty of places to visit that might

attract your attention.

If the snow gets too deep or you get

lost donít be afraid to give out a

"little yell"

Weíll send our little


to help you out.

There are so many houses all decorated up

Wow I'll bet we can really get a lot of ideas on

how to decorate our houses

The little neighbor boy sure is taking

to the snow.

Be careful he doesnít slide into you

as you cross over to the other side of

the hill to visit our other


Hereís a very warm place to visit.

The church is all decorated. When you

need the comfort and guidance of

Our Lord, He is always there to help in


or not.

Heíll always walk

with you.

Would you like to see how


dresses up for the holidays?

We have been busy collecting useful

information that we are sure you

would like to use as references for the

"Christmas Season"

We keep adding links to the lists

year round.

Please visit our

~Christmas Sites~

while you are here.

We have made this site as an

index to

everything you would want to find for


So if you would like to grab a

cup of hot chocolate and maybe

some cookies and browse around.

Please make yourself at home.


Donít forget to wipe the snow off

your feet.


If you havenít picked out your tree yet

or you canít decide which kind to get.

Maybe we can help you.

"Christmas Trees"

You also might like to look here for some


The kids really like working on these crafts

We shoveled a little snow and

made a path for you to walk

down,so please let us know

you were here by signing our


And donít be shy

about signing

more than once,

we love to hear from you.

So come back often.

Christmas time is a season of

Love, Sharing and Giving

so we hope to share with you this

"Christmas Land"

Bluebird and I would

like to thank all the people who

have given us these pictures to

put on our pages. If you happen to

know of any that personally belong to

you, please let us know and we will

remove them or give you the proper

credit that you deserve.

People who have visited us

Since December 17,1999

Bluebird and I would also like to invite

you to visit our other websites if you

have the time.

"Thank You"

For letting us into your lives. We hope

our pages have been helpful to you.

Please come back and visit us again.

I hope to see you at any of my other sites

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Dec. 16, 2000

Thank You so much, I love it

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