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This page is designed to give you all kinds of information about Christmas Trees.

There just happens to be sites that are commercial, I do not endorse these sites.

Also I did not put them on this page to intice you to buy anything from them.

My "ONLY" reason for them being listed here is for the fact that they have pictures and information

that may help you with your choice of trees and how to care for them.


Selection & Care of Christmas Trees for the home

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

How To Select, Decorate & Care For Your Christmas Tree


Traditions and Customs of Christmas Trees

Care of Real Christmas Trees

Holiday Insights: Christmas Trees & Flowers


Christmas Trees and More

Christmas Tree

Selecting & Cutting Real Christmas Trees


Shearing & Pruning Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Recycling Program

Christmas in America, Artificial Trees

pic. O Christmas Flora and Fauna

How Stuff Works~ How Christmas Trees Work

Artifical Christmas Trees


Christmas Tree Selection and Information

Christmas Trees...Evergreens & Conifers

Virginia Cooperative Extension


Kriss Kringle Trees

Live Christmas Tree Types

The Selection and Protection of Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees

Real Trees for KIds to Learn About

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