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This is how you set up the page to make sure your graphics & text do not overlap into the left side border.

I make my backgrounds 1000 or 1025 pixels wide, because the majority of monitors are 800x600 pixels, in other words--a 17" monitor.

To make them look fine on bigger monitors, you should make the borders at least 1200 pixels wide, which is a 19" monitor.

I use a "Table" code that includes a transparent gif as a "Spacer",

which you can download from


It is an "invisable" gif but you should be able to "save" it as it will be located in the top left hand corner of your screen

Here is the code for you to use right after the:


<body background="your background image">

<center><table><tr><td valign="left" align="top"><img src="your blank gif address" height="1" width="110"></td><td valign="left" align="top" width="100%">

If your content is not aligned correctly, inside the border

increase or decrease the size of the "blank gif"

For a wider border, you can make the blank gif 115 or 120 wide.

For a skinny border, you can make the blank gif 100 or 90 wide.

Also remember to divide your sentences so that they line up correctly,

by adding a <br> or a <p> at the correct places.

The whole content of your website will go here.

Your text or pictures plus the rest of your html code.

This code


goes right before the ending